Apartment on the island of Marie-Galante

On the island of Marie-Galante, by the sea, the Kawann village is a completely redesigned and renovated former hotel complex in which Souleia offers you a heavenly stay. Book the Toumalakaï apartment quickly, comfortable accommodation designed to accommodate two to four people. On site, you will benefit from a range of very valuable services: small shops, two restaurants, but also a swimming pool shared with residents of the village. Bordered by a protected forest, the Kawann village is only a few steps from a heavenly beach, the Folle cove, known to shelter sea turtles laying their eggs.

Marie-Galante, marvel of the West Indies

A small piece of heavenly land dependent on Guadeloupe, this French territory is an irresistible call to a change of scenery. Although small in size, the island has many riches that it is urgent to discover. For lovers of idleness, you will of course be in a kingdom of fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters. The places are an unmissable spot for water sports enthusiasts, a place conducive to hiking. Marie-Galante is also home to a few curiosities, such as the astonishing Gueule du Grand Gouffre. Also, almost impossible not to succumb to the local rum... to be consumed in moderation!

Grand-Bourg, city of the West Indies

Warning, change of scenery guaranteed! From Pointe-à-Pitre, you will arrive by boat in the small port of Grand-Bourg, the main town of the island of Marie Galante which nevertheless remains assimilated to a rural town. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side, the Caribbean Sea on the other, Grand-Bourg is a natural area preserved from urbanization.

Grand Bourg apartment rental

Book without delay Toumalakaï comfortable apartment with an area of 26 m² located in the village Kawann, nestled in the town of Grand-Bourg, one of the main towns of Marie Galante. You will benefit from the luxury of having a range of services on site and the chance to access heavenly places just a few steps away.